About Us


Hello! Welcome to Heirloom Cashmere Australia. 

Heirloom Cashmere was founded in 2013 out of love for two beautiful things - the love for our newborn and for quality natural fibre. Pairing these saw the need to find a classic cashmere baby blanket and when the search failed, our little adventure began.

We searched the world to bring you the finest, softest and warmest fibre found in nature - cashmere yarn from the Himalayans. Our classic cable knit and heritage plain knit baby blankets are made of 100% cashmere of the thickest 6ply quality. Each piece is spun, dyed and woven by hand by artisan families in Nepal. 

With a genuine piece of cashmere, you feel the natural warmth as soon as you put on. It is lightweight and breathable yet provides incredible heat insulation that can be used all year round. It gets more beautiful over wear and age and is always a timeless classic. It will remain a favourite nursery piece for years to come.

We hope you and your little one love our cashmere, and continue to pass on to the next child and the next generation - an heirloom as it is meant to be.