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Cashmere is the natural fibres collected from the underbelly of Capra Hircus goats in the Himalayan and Mongolian regions. Such altitude and climate evolved the animals with superior heat insulation abilities.

Cashmere is the finest, softest and warmest natural fibres.

Naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating with the softest touch.

The best for you and your little one.


6x warmer than wool

Non-scratchy & hypoallergenic

Breathable Warmth

Temperature-regulating & moisture-wicking

Heirloom quality

Seasonless, quiet luxury pieces

A little about us

From a humble beginning in 2013 with just a few baby blankets, we found our way into your homes and have since warmed thousands of babies in Australia and around the world. A baby brand first and foremost, our current offerings include a classic range of cashmere for her/him. 

We are a seasonless slow design brand and operate on a small-batches on-demand production model. Each piece we introduce is a considered timeless design, one we know you will love today or a decade from now. Our original baby blankets are still here (still our best-sellers more than a decade later) - the definition of classic pieces that stood the test of time.

Our collections are evergreen and available all year round. With a lean production and distribution model, our cashmere is fairly priced without a hefty margin and will never be 'last season' or heavily discounted so you have peace of mind buying from us.

We hope you and your little one love our cashmere, and continue to pass on to the next child and the next generation - an heirloom as it is meant to be.

Thank you for choosing quality, heritage, integrity and love. x

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