Cashmere pilling comb/ sweater comb

Cashmere Pilling Comb

Pilling or blobbing is an inherent characteristic of all-natural fibres. It does not indicate the quality of your cashmere (or wool) but authenticate it. You know you have a genuine piece of natural garment when there is pilling.

Refresh your cashmere or woollen garments with this pilling comb is quick and easy:

Step 1: Lay your garment on a flat surface

Step 2: Smooth out wrinkles and pull the fabric taut

Step 3: Comb in quick and light strokes in one direction (take extra care on chunky cable knit)

... and enjoy your cashmere as new again!


Suitable for use on knitwear made of natural fibres.

Handle is made of natural beech.

Measures approximately 7.5 x 4.5cm.

Comes in a storage pouch.