Cashmere baby blanket gift box
Cashmere baby blanket
Cashmere baby blanket
Cashmere baby blanket gift box

Gift Box - Snow

Luxury gift set comprises our signature classic cable knit cashmere baby blanket and baby beanie. Made of 100% Himalayan cashmere.

Beautifully gift wrapped in an elegant sturdy box. The ultimate gift choice for baby shower or congratulating a new arrival. 


100% Pure Cashmere

Blanket measures 80x100cm

Beanie suits 0-6 months old

Handmade in Nepal

Hand wash or wool/delicate cycle recommended


Cashmere is the natural fibre collected from the underbelly of Capra Hircus goat found in the Himalayan regions. Such altitude and climate have evolved the animals with superior heat insulation abilities. Cashmere is the finest, softest and warmest fibre found in nature.  You are giving your little one the best there is.
Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight variations in the cashmere quality, colour, weave and size may be observed from piece to piece.